Hot Sponge Summer! New Scrub Daddy Beach Buddies

beach buddies

Summer just got even better! We have launched new summer shapes named the Beach Buddies. Octopus, Shark and Crab have made their way to land and are now available in the UK and Ireland. Scrub Daddy fans went crazy for our Halloween and Christmas shapes, so we had to bring out fun summer shapes for 2021 to add to our Scrub Family’s collections.

All made from the signature texture changing material FlexTexture meaning it’s great for all types of jobs. In cold water, the sponge becomes firm for tough scrubbing and in warm water the texture becomes soft for light cleaning. They’re stain and odour resistant too and just like all our other products are scratch-resistant on over 20 household surfaces from glass to granite. Plus, they’re available in three different colours to colour-code your cleaning to help avoid cross-contamination.

Scrub Daddy make high-performance cleaning products by combining exclusive materials with fun, functional designs. Texture changing scrubbers, smell resistant sponges and scratch-free scour pads are just a few reasons why we are America’s Favourite Sponge!

Meet the Beach Buddies


Scrub Daddy Octopus in violet has eight tentacles great for cleaning in little spaces!

Octopus Summer Shape


Say hello to the very first Scrub Daddy Shark

Shark Summer Shapes


Even Sebastian from the Little Mermaid wasn’t as cute as the Scrub Daddy Crab!

Crab Summer Shapes

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Which jobs will you use the Scrub Daddy Beach Buddies for?