Self isolation is what you make it, it can be extremely tough on your mind at times if you don’t keep busy. So forget spring cleaning, say hello to self isolation cleaning! We’ve put together a list of jobs that you can take on with Scrub Daddy while you are self isolating.

Did you know that dog bowls can be dirtier than a toilet seat?! These ideally should be cleaned daily and with our smiling face scrubbers giving you an easy ergonomic hold, you can simply clean in circular motions. Use Scrub Mommy’s FlexTexture scrubbing side to remove the mess and then use her ResoFoam sponge side to wipe away. A task we often forget but now with so much time on our hands because of self isolation, your pet bowls will never be cleaner!

Oven Clean

Scour Daddy was made to tackle sticky, stuck-on debris which makes him perfect for the oven shelves and glass door! Don’t forget he’s scratch resistant too and is great partnered with The Pink Stuff.

Flower Pots

With an already noticeable difference in the weather and the clocks soon changing, we will see those lighter and warmer nights roll in in no time. So start cleaning up the garden now including cleaning out your flower pots ready for new plants and a beautiful season of gardening. Just remember to colour co-ordinate your cleaning to avoid cross contamination so choosing a green Scrub Daddy for the garden will be easy to remember!

Make Up Brush Clean

Mrs Hinch’s hack has taken the Instagram cleaning community by storm. Simply using water a dab of baby shampoo and in circular motions rub your make up brush across Scrub Daddy. It removes leftover makeup in no time and it’s extremely satisfying to see the makeup running away. Plus, Scrub Daddy rinses clean after so no need to worry about his makeup!

Drawer and Cupboard Organising

Like most of our our drawers and cupboards become the place where we chuck things in to keep the places on show in our homes tidy. Meaning they can become out of hand and unorganised. Take some time during your self isolation period to sort through these places, donate or recycle anything you no longer need, wipe down the surfaces with a Sponge Daddy to clean it up and then put back what you want to keep in an organised way.

Skirting Boards Wipe Down

A place we often forget about and easily gets marked from shoes and the hoover is our skirting boards. Use Eraser Daddy’s FlexTexture side to rub off excess and then use water and his Magic Eraser side to lightly wipe away marks.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the information regarding Coronavirus there are many places you can go to get help. You can find help here

If you are self-isolating and need your cleaning essentials to be delivered to your door, please shop here and we will have your cleaning products on their way to you in no time.

Don’t forget Scrub Daddy products can be sanitised either on the top rack of the dishwasher or by dampening him and being in the microwave for one minute.

What jobs will you be doing while self-isolating?