Pick up a Scrub Daddy this Autumn … you’ll need it!

Autumn cleaning

Pick up a Scrub Daddy this Autumn … you’ll need it! Scrub Daddy’s are a versatile product and if you didn’t already know, they can be used for a number of different jobs!

You should know these…

The obvious and most well know feature of a Scrub Daddy is the change in texture due to the FlexTexture Foam. In warm water he is soft and in cold water he is firm for more scrubbing power!

He can access hard to reach spaces such as the bottom of a glass. Just use your fingers in the eye holes for grip.

His smile is not just for decoration! Use the space to clean both sides of your utensils!

Now we have the standard uses out of the way, let’s go through all the weird and wonderful ways to use your Scrub Daddy!

5 ways to use your Scrub Daddy this Autumn

Pumpkin cleaning – Clean your pumpkin so it’s ready to be carved! Any Scrub Daddy which includes the FlexTexture foam will work including the Sponge Daddy!

Peeling your vegetables – Rinse your Scrub Daddy in cold water so he’s extra tough and simply scrub off the veggie skin.

Clean your makeup brushes – Wet your Scrub Daddy adding a little soap and gently scrub your brushes in a circular motion.

Vehicle interiors and exteriors – Keep your car/bike sparkling! Scrub Daddy’s are non-scratch so can be used on your cars!

Clean your shoes and boots – going out for long autumnal walks? Keep your Scrub Daddy on stand-by for the cleanup after!

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