Purple Scrub Mommy Goes Violet!

April 12th hit, hairdressers opened in England and Purple Scrub Mommy couldn’t wait to get her hair done! Purple has now transformed into Violet, creating perfect pastel vibes ready for spring and summer. Complimenting our Pink Scrub Mommy perfectly, the colour combo is a must-have.

The new Scrub Mommy Violet has taken the Instagram cleaning community by storm and our followers are desperate to find the Violet in store. Home Store + More in Ireland is the first to stock the Violet, with more of our retailers following suit.

Scrub Mommy Violet is a dual sided scrubber and sponge that just like Scrub Daddy, with our exclusive FlexTexture material, changes texture in different water temperature. In hot water, she becomes soft for light cleaning and in cold water becomes firm for tough scrubbing. What we love about Scrub Mommy, is her soft side. The ResoFoam sponge is super absorbent, creates tons of suds for washing up and her sponge side never dries out like regular sponges do.